Thursday, April 15, 2010

Go ‘Green in Weekend’

By David Staudacher, Rio Salado College PR Manager

On April 22, millions of people around the world will celebrate Earth Day. Locally, the staff, students and faculty at Tempe-based Rio Salado College will be marking the day with a week of events geared toward promoting a healthy, sustainable environment.

“We do more than celebrate Earth Day one day a year,” said Shannon Corona, Physical Science faculty chair at Rio Salado College. “We promote environmental responsibility every day, and offer opportunities for other s to get involved, too.”

While the Tempe-based college offers several programs — Sustainable Food Systems, Sustainable and Ecological Literacy, and eLearning Design — to those who want to incorporate environmental responsibility into their professional lives, it also offers the Green in a Weekend class for the general homeowner who wants to make a green living impact at home.

“Green in a Weekend is an introductory-level course intended to demonstrate methods to reduce energy and water usage, reduce carbon footprint, reduce waste, reduce toxins in household products, identify sustainable products, and live a more sustainable life,” said Corona. “Students can complete the course in less than two days, and the action items presented all cost less than $250, which makes them easy to implement immediately.”

Caring about the environment is a lifestyle that is blended into daily routines at Rio Salado. The college has adopted several measures to “think green” and beyond, and aims to meet the needs of the present generation while taking care of the future. According to Corona, this philosophy can benefit members of the community, too.

“This online course is for anyone who is interested in learning how to make affordable improvements to their home that will lead to increased health, financial, and environmental benefits,” said Corona. “This is a course for someone that does not have a lot of time or money but wants to be a part of a sustainable future.”

The Green in Weekend class cost $48. To learn more about the class, visit