Monday, November 22, 2010

Student Services Add to Students Success

Graduating from college is a major accomplishment for all students. It marks a new chapter in their lives as they transition from student to professional. But before they join the workforce the graduates need to go through the not-so-fun process of resume writing and interviewing.

For some graduates, resume writing and interviewing are not a problem. For others, it can be a daunting task. For all graduates, and current students, help is available.

“Just because a student has graduated it doesn’t mean the door at the college has closed behind them,” said Melaine Abts, faculty chair of Counseling at Rio Salado College. “Our student services are open to current students and graduates to help them with every aspect of career planning.”

Every day, Rio Salado’s counselors help people set personal, educational, and career goals. Counselors also are on hand to help students when they are experiencing obstacles that are interfering with their academic performance such as: lack of motivation, relationship issues, study skills, test anxiety, time management, and stress. Additionally, the counselors are available to students and graduates when they need assistance with job search skills, resume writing, interview preparation.

“We want students and graduates to be successful, and that means helping them with their resumes and preparing them for interviews, too.” said Abts. “The counseling services at Rio Salado College are an integral part of the total educational process, and this includes after graduating, too.”

Current and Incoming Students
For current and future students, Rio Salado offers three classes, which are geared toward helping students choose the career path that is right for them.

“Whether you're new to college or online learning, we'll give you tips on how to be a successful student,” said Abts. “We help develop study plans, identifying learning styles, and set personal and academic goals.”
The Career Exploration class focuses on current occupational trends and outlooks and is designed to assist students as they make informed career decisions.

“This class uses of various assessments to help the students explores career-related interests, values, needs, preferences, skills, and strengths,” said Abts. It will aid in the development of individualized educational goals, career goals, and action planning.”

The Creating College Success class offers strategies to help students succeed in college. It explores methods for selecting and developing effective academic strategies, increasing self-awareness, and developing self-management strategies. Elements of college resources and relationships with others are explored in support of the students' educational experience.

The Strategies for College Success class focus on increasing student success through college orientation and personal growth, study skills development, and educational and career planning.

“The college is successful if the students are successful,” said Abts. “With all of these tools available to students, everyone should be confident that they will be successful at Rio Salado.”

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