Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sun Sounds Broadcasts Available on iPad, iPod and iPhone

Sun Sounds of Arizona's broadcast, along with those of several other US and Canadian radio reading services, is now available on Apple mobile devices, thanks to the iBlink Radio application developed by Serotek Corporation. iBlink Radio, touted as the first app for visually impaired people, makes it easy to find current streaming and archived print information read aloud.

To download the free iBlink Radio app, go to iTunes, or click the App Store on an Apple mobile device and search for iBlink Radio. Once installed, the iBlink Radio app offers an alphabetical listing of reading services. Look for "Arizona, Tempe, Sun Sounds" or "Arizona, Tucson, Sun Sounds" and tap the name to listen to the stream.

"We are constantly exploring new ways to offer information access," said Bill Pasco, director of Sun Sounds of Arizona, "and certainly technology is opening doors at an amazing pace. We are excited to be able to reach a mobile, technology-savvy audience with apps like Serotek's iBlink Radio."

Sun Sounds of Arizona is an information access service primarily designed for and directed to an audience who cannot see, hold or understand print due to a disability. Throughout the United States, Sun Sounds reaches members via, FM radio, TV cable, online streaming and podcasting at, as well as a telephone access system called Sun Dial II.

For more information about the iBlink Radio app or other ways to access information from Sun Sounds of Arizona, log on to or call Sun Sounds at 480-774-8300.

Sun Sounds of Arizona, established in 1979, is a radio reading and information access service for people who cannot read conventional print due to a disability. A community service of Rio Salado College, Sun Sounds, with the help of 500 volunteers across the state, provides information access free of charge, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using radio, designated cable systems, telephone and the internet.


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It is an interesting contribution to the disabled. There should be more initiatives such as this.

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Everyone will appreciate this kind of efforts. Carry on !!

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I appreciate the link to Sun Sounds app. Really good initiative for disabled people

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This is going to help them have a better way of living. More comfortable and it will improve every aspect of their lives.

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Thanks for the link to Sun Sounds app! I will share it.

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Great info on this adaptive technology. I will share this with a friend who works with an organization producing audio books for the blind.

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I love the idea but people should make it available for more than just Apple products .... still its good news :)

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