Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Computer Technology Degrees: An Investment in the Future

Technology moves fast. The evolution of mobile media has created an increased demand for mobile apps and programmers with the skills to produce them. Mobile software applications (apps) are the driving force behind the popularity of the iPhone and Android-based devices. Apps add functionality to a device by allowing users to do things like play video games, check their bank balance, or compare local prices while shopping.

Smartphones and handheld gadgets have already changed how many people communicate. The ability to make or receive a phone call is almost an afterthought for many users who prefer to keep in touch through text messaging, Facebook and Twitter.

The introduction of tablet style devices is expected to expand the market for apps which in turn is expanding the job market for programmers and software engineers.

According to a report published on, software engineers will be in demand throughout 2011 and earn an average annual income over $87,000.

Rio Students interested in pursuing such a career may want to take advantage of the Maricopa-ASU Pathway Program (MAPP) that allows them to complete a computer technology degree from Rio Salado College then transfer ALL of their credits to ASU's W.P Carey School of Business where they will earn their Bachelor's Computer Technology Degree in Computer Information Systems.

Developers who would like to brush up their skills to take advantage of the mobile trend are encouraged to familiarize themselves with object-oriented programming languages such as C++ and Java. Courses such as Object-Oriented Programming fundamentals (CIS150AB) or Object-Oriented Analysis and Design (CIS225AB) may also be helpful.

For more information about earning a computer technology degree, contact Rio Salado College.


Ricky said...

Well, I'm an IT student. I understand that mobile technology will evolve in upcoming years and demand for smartphone app developers will increase more.
This is the right time to horn my skills and do wonders in this field.

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Nice post. My team and I are doing research, topics like this is very important to us.
Can I add you on my blogroll? ;)

-Java Developers
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new android phones said...

Application programming for the IOS and Android are increasing as the year passes, with the introductions of new tablets and notes i think it's a big investment to take a course in Application development.

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I think that introducing such a degrees in tech universities will be a quite popular step. People see that mobile industry is in high demand nowadays, so why not let people get high education connected with it? said...

Technology is really the only way to go for people. It will bring us great achievements and milestones in life. I'm currently a Computer Engineering student and I wish to contribute to the tech world some time in the near future.

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Mobile TV Elite said...

I would agree. My son is working on a degree in computer science with the hopes of working in some degree in the area of mobile app creation and design.