Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Concurrent Enrollment: Make the Most of Summer Break | Rio Salado College

Lounging around the house watching re-runs and playing video games may not be the most productive way for a teenager to spend their summer break.

Outdoor activities aren’t always practical in the Arizona heat and at $500-$1,000 a week, summer camps have become too expensive for many families.

Parents looking for creative, cost-effective ways to keep their teenagers busy this summer may want to consider concurrent enrollment options offered at Rio Salado College.

A three credit hour online course lasts anywhere from 8-16 weeks and costs $228 dollars. In many cases the credits count toward both high school and college requirements and can also be transferred to a university.

High school students are welcome to learn a new language or get a head start in college, but to truly take advantage of the program, it might be better to pick a topic that really resonates with the student.

Rio Salado’s entire course catalog is available for concurrent enrollment. As long as students meet the class prerequisites, they can choose any class that sparks their interest.

Recommended Summer Courses
Introduction to Popular Culture (HUM225): familiarizes students with the impact of pop culture at local, national and global levels.

Introduction to Cinema (HUM 205): examines the history of filmmaking and illustrates how movies reflect and interpret major cultural events.

Flash: Digital Animation (CIS120DC) or Computer Graphics: Adobe Illustrator (CIS120DB): both teach students how to use industry standard programs to create and manipulate graphics or animations.

Introduction to Creative Writing(CRW150): acquaints students with the elements and techniques of creative writing. This course is recommended as a precursor to classes in screenwriting, fiction writing, and poetry.

Sustainable World (SUS110): Introduces students to the field of sustainability and the relationship between humans and natural global systems.

Socially conscious teens may enjoy a humanities course that will encourage critical thinking, while technically inclined students might like to learn a new software application or programming skill.

Either way, concurrent enrollment is a proactive option for parents who want to make the most of their high school student’s summer break.

For more information about concurrent enrollment, contact Rio Salado College.