Tuesday, June 21, 2011

RISE Learning for Life Winds Down 2010-11

There are only two free classes left in the 2010-11 membership year at RISE Learning for Life.

The classes are a part of the organization’s special summer session which allows the community to participate in RISE classes at no cost.

On June 28, Officer Doug Lynch of the Surprise Police Department will present easy, common sense solutions to home safety concerns; and on June 30, Tom Lombardo will relate new theories about the brain to traditional questions of consciousness and the physical world.

RISE, a community based educational organization operating in the Rio Salado College Lifelong Learning Center, uses a trimester scheduling system offering fall, winter, and spring sessions. Classes are not offered between July and September.

In-person classes will resume for members starting on October 3. They are presented in a variety of formats ranging from seminars that last only a few hours to multi-part series that can last as long as eight weeks.

RISE treated members to a diverse range of topics this year including:

Women and Happiness- Discussion group to help women identify their own personal and unique goals.
How the States Got their Shapes- Review of the political, economic and ideological factors involved in drawing state borders.
Creation Stories You’ve Never Heard- Exploration of creation stories/myths from a variety of sources.
History of the U.S. Navy- Lecture and discussion on major battles, technological innovations and a timeline of events.
The Decision to Drop the Bomb- Examination of influencers and events leading to President Truman’s decision to drop the Bomb.

RISE also offered traditional self-improvement topics throughout 2010-11 such as conversational French, efficient investing, and chair yoga.

RISE Members pay an annual fee of $45 which entitles them to take as many courses as they like. The Membership year runs from July 1 until June 30.

Any adult living in Maricopa County can join RISE by calling (480)377-4250 or visiting riseedu.org for more information.