Thursday, September 1, 2011

Rio Salado Celebrates Outstanding Adjunct Faculty

Rio Salado College honored 30 adjunct faculty members at the 2010-11 Outstanding Adjunct Faculty awards reception on August 31st. College administrators joined faculty in recognizing the contributions of the adjunct faculty members and their dedication to teaching.

“Rio’s adjunct faculty fill a critical role in student success,” said Chris Bustamante, Rio Salado College president, addressing the honorees. “In addition to upholding high academic standards, your excellence is demonstrated by your value-added approach to your teaching disciplines.”

Honoree Rosalyn McDermott noted, “I like being part of the community college system. I believe it is a stepping stone to the future for many of our students.”

And honoree Kyle Gray credits his own life experiences for his teaching success. “I was an adult learner too, so I know what the students are going through.”

2010-11 Outstanding Adjunct Faculty Winners

Outstanding Contributions to Assessment of Student Learning
Janet Beason, Education; Maxine Brown, Education; Susan Burger, Humanities; Louis Kelly, Computer Information Systems; Alexia Shonteff, Economics.

Outstanding Contributions to Teaching and Learning
Angela Au, Business; Francine Campagna, Humanities; Diana Durand, Anthropology; Maureen Erickson, Early Childhood & Human Development; Karen Faith, Geography; Stephen Flora, Geology; Diane Gates, Chemical Dependency; Carol Gray, Communication; Kyle Gray, Allied Health; Stephen Hayward, Psychology; Michael Helminski, Education; Scott Hillstrom, E-Learning Design; Patrick Kolb, Biology; Daniel Lawrence, Mathematics; Kathleen LaVoy, Dental Hygiene; Rosalyn McDermott, Psychology; Janice “Cat” McDonald, Counseling/Personal Development; Byron Minick, Computer Information Systems; Michael Newberry, Astronomy; Mary Beth Nipp, English; Maureen Ruangchamneil, Credit Services Industry; Nadine Salahub, Languages; Dawn Schmidt, History; Nicole Weston, Biology; Kevin Willis, Mathematics.