Wednesday, May 23, 2012

RSC Supports EAA Phoenix Effort to Promote Clean Transportation

The Phoenix chapter of the Electric Auto Association (EAA) recently hosted a 100 mile Electric Vehicle Rally with Tempe-based Rio Salado College as the final destination. Participants took a tour of the Garden @ Rio and learned about the college's sustainability efforts while their vehicles recharged using the seven on-site electric vehicle charging stations.

Installation of publicly available EVSE charging stations is planned for locations across all ten Maricopa District community colleges in an effort to support clean transportation.

According to EAA Phoenix Chapter President Jim Stack, the Phoenix area is well ahead of the curve when it comes to providing infrastructure and support for alternate fuels and electric vehicles.

"There are over 200 EVSE charging locations throughout the Valley," Stack said. "My Nissan LEAF actually shows them on an in-dash display, but anyone can find them using the Blink Network map."

"Rio Salado makes a big impact," Stack said."They have so many locations around town. There are seven stations at the Tempe headquarters and two stations at most of their satellite locations."

Stack also said he believes there is a trend among local businesses to support electric vehicles. "Rio Salado is a leader, but the entire Valley community is behind the movement towards clean energy."

The Phoenix EEA chapter is a 100% non-profit organization for electric vehicle enthusiasts. The group sponsors events like the Electric Vehicle Rally to help raise awareness of the advancing capabilities of next generation electric vehicles.

"Our events help show the greater Phoenix area how easy it is to drive an electric vehicle," Stack said. "We also show how EV's can be very efficient and surpass the range and economy of other vehicles."

"The winner of our 100 Mile EV Rally for the 21st Century event drove over 8.5 miles on each kilowatt hour (KwH) of electricity at around 10 cents per KwH," Stack explained. "He could drive around 85 miles at a cost of about a dollar."

"The new electric vehicles regenerate when they slow down or brake which adds another 10-15% to their range, " Stack said. "It also stops brake wear and brake dust. No other car in the world can do that."

Rio Salado College is one of ten Maricopa Community Colleges and the largest online public community college in the nation. Founded in 1978, Rio Salado offers degree and certificate programs, general education courses and support for dual enrollment, military and incarcerated students. It is also the largest provider of adult basic education in Arizona.


carpet cleaning clarence said...

Yes, we are also waiting for newer technology in electric/hybrid carpet cleaning equipment. Almost there but not quite yet, couple more years.

Ermie said...

We need this type of effort - promoting clean environment through clean transportation.

Will said...

I really like these initiatives! The key in the 'electric car adaption process' is the availability of vehicle charging stations. At this moment electric vehicles bring too much inconvenience because there are too little charging stations yet.

Simon penny said...

Alternative fuel based transportation, such as electric, is coming along in leaps and bounds... It's nice to see the idea spread and develop into what could be a great step forward in automation!

niharika said...

Electricity transportation is good as they helps in prevent from pollution but i think it is very difficult to manage it because of charging station.

Ern @ Norelco Bodygroom Pro said...

I can't wait for this new technology to be incorporated in the whole lifestyle of driving a car. This is really a huge step and an almost 360 degree alternative to be too dependent on fuel source which is crude oil.

neil said...

the wave of the future, electric and other types of transportation has to be the ay forward oil is running out and fast

Carpet Cleaning Woodridge said...

Cant wait for the hybrid truckmounted carpet cleaning machine to be built!