Monday, June 25, 2012

Save Money on Tuition at Rio

Getting an education and being on a pathway to having a more successful and lucrative career is becoming more and more accessible to people yet, the financial strain of achieving a college education is rapidly increasing.
From 2000 to 2009 spending for post-secondary education by Americans increased by 42 percent, and according to the College Board tuition increases rose by another six percent in the past year.
As reported by CNN, the average cost nationally including room and board for a four-year public university with in-state tuition costs was $21,447. Costs for the Arizona’s in-state public universities compare to the national average at $24,000 a year for Arizona State University and the University of Arizona and more than $20,000 for Northern Arizona University.
The tuition cost, for an in-state student attending one of Arizona’s public universities for a year averages around $9,500 a year based on two 15-credit semesters according to the Arizona Board of Regents. The cost of attending a private institution in Arizona such as Grand Canyon University averages out to about $16,500 a year.
A year of tuition at Rio Salado College based on two 15-credit hour semesters is only $2,280 a year.
For many students, living at home to reduce expenses and attending a community college for the first two years is an attractive option in order to reduce the amount of expenses for a college education. Earning an associate degree at a community college provides easier transition and an affordable option for students who want to start their college education but aren’t ready for the university campus life. Attending a community college such as Rio Salado, is also beneficial for new college students who are unsure of what major and career path they want to pursue, as it offers the same general education courses any degree requires in the first two years of college, at a discounted rate.
Rio Salado College also has strong partnerships and transferability articulation agreements with all of the in-state universities as well as many others around the country. This makes it a great stepping stone on the path for students who dream of receiving their college degree from a four-year institution such as ASU, the university of Arizona or NAU.
In all, the first two years of education at Rio Salado College Online costs a student around $4,560. Two years of education at a public Arizona university cost a student around $19,000 in tuition and $40,000 to $50,000 with housing, a meal plan and all other expenses included.
This is why choosing the community college path at a school like Rio Salado College is a smart decision for students are looking to save money on college expenses.
Recent Rio Salado College graduate Leann Hancock says the low costs and flexibility allowed her to succeed, “The affordable tuition and versatile learning opportunities helped me achieve my career goals, and I am a better mother, sister, friend and member of society as a result of what I’ve learned.”
The accessibility, flexibility and affordability of Rio Salado College’s online courses not only allow a student to save a large sum of money on tuition and living expenses their first few years of college by living at home, but also enables them to save some gas expenses by not having to travel to and from campus. Not to mention the need to take out student loans to pay for their schooling, an increasingly scary proposition with a possible student loan interest rate hike looming in the near future.

By Ryan Bawek, PR Intern at Rio Salado College
Article published in Tempe Republic on June 23


Zorayda said...

I agree with everything on this article. I lover Rio Salado because it's helping me pursue a college degree that I wanted to get so bad. The loans are really helping me & I have no problem in having to pay them back in the future because it's all gonna be worth it. I also live with my mom & that helps me to save money.

Crude oil tips said...

15-credit hour semesters for just $2,280 a year....WoW!! This is so beneficial!

Ern said...

Getting an education for our children, without doubt, means providing them the opportunity to make it big in this life. It is good to know that Rio Salado can provide that sans the business-like pattern of behavior by most universities. Just $2K a year is good enough to help us parents get our children to good school.

Byron @ best juice extractors said...

There is no doubt that one of the reasons why one cannot send their children to college is because of the high tuition fee. Good to hear that there's still a university that can offer affordable but quality education to our children.

Gielda Inwestowanie said...

Professional education for a very reasonable price, I like it.

James said...

Getting a good education right now is a business for many schools and universities. What this makes is added or tremendous stress for parents to pay the rising tuition fee for the education of their children. Rio Salado College is on the right track in providing such affordable fees. Congrats to this marvelous effort!

Rudy Pickens said...

You’re right Gielda, professional education for a reasonable price. It’s okay to have a student loan but why do other students go for massachusetts mortgage lenders if they can earn money by having a job in weekends like the other students, because having a loan is a big responsibility? What can you say about that?