Thursday, September 27, 2012

RSC Recruiting for STEM Teaching Program

The Post Baccalaureate National Science Foundation (NSF) Noyce Scholarship program provides funding and support to science, technology, engineering and math professionals interested in pursuing a career in teaching.

As Rio Salado College’s first class of Noyce Scholars prepare for student teaching, the RSC Teacher Preparation Program is recruiting for a second cohort.

According to Noyce Scholars Program Manager Karen Nave, the program is currently partnered with 14 high need school districts looking to fill teaching positions across Arizona.

“We are seeking highly-qualified bachelor degree holders with significant life experience in science, engineering or math who can inspire and meet the needs of 21st century students,” Nave said.

STEM professionals who are interested in sharing their knowledge with the next generation are encouraged to apply by the December 30 deadline. Qualified applicants will receive a $16,500 stipend to offset the costs of teacher preparation classes, certification and professional association fees.

"The concept behind this program is an incredibly good idea,” said program participant Thomas Hagen. "Helping people who are in the math and science fields to make the transition into teaching, and getting them into high needs classrooms makes me excited that someone had a great idea that came to fruition."

Hagen graduated from West Point with a degree in engineering. After spending 22 years in the U.S. Army, working as the technical coordinator for a local school district in New York, owning his own business and serving as a volunteer fireman for 11 years, Hagen said he believes he has quite a bit to offer his prospective students.

“I think the teaching profession is an incredible opportunity to touch the future of our country," Hagen said. “I think my life skills and community involvement will provide an example of how we want the students in our community to contribute.”

Hagan said his experience with the program and the eight other students in his cohort made him feel like what he is doing is important.

“The people running the program at Rio Salado have been extremely professional and great motivators. They are high energy and really get you fired up to go out and do great things in the classroom," Hagen said. "The other Noyce Scholars are people like me who have varied backgrounds and are bringing a great deal of life experience to the table. I love being associated with such a high quality group."

For more information about the NSF Noyce Scholarship visit and search Noyce or contact Pam Asti, at 480.517.8066 or


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