Saturday, September 15, 2012

September is National Preparedness Month

President Barack Obama has declared September 2012 to be National Preparedness Month. According to his Presidential Proclamation, “Each of us has an important role to play in bolstering our preparedness for disasters of all types -- from cyber incidents and acts of terrorism to tornadoes and flooding. I encourage all Americans to visit or to learn more. Individuals and families can also take action by building a disaster supply kit with food, water, and essential supplies in case of emergency, and by developing and sharing an emergency plan with their loved ones.”

Last week, Rio Salado College staged a fire drill to practice emergency evacuation procedures. To learn more about our emergency preparedness efforts click here.


Hally Ryan said...

While we cannot prepare for every possible disaster, we can prepare for many. More awareness and education will be required for adequate preparation.

Damon Tolles said...

Disasters come and go, the really important thing is to be prepared and to know where to go. Sure homes get dirtied up but as long as a family is together it's the silver lining to that literal and figurative dark cloud. My only concern in a calamity is knowing if my loved ones are alright. There is always time to rebuild, to clean and to recover. My mother tells me that it's not a problem when there are people that provide carpet cleaning in Perth wa to help lighten the load.

AJ Leigh said...

I applaud this post and your institution's fire drill. We should all be aware that we as citizens have a personal responsibility to prepare for any man-made or natural disaster. I do realize that our government does have a roll to play in disaster response although as we have seen in previous scenarios, this may not always be the case. I do also realize that we can not prepared for every possible disaster know to man (as Hally Ryan stated in the above comment), I dare say that we must try, and try our best. Otherwise, we may be left out in the cold - literally and metaphorically speaking.