Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Book Advances Scheduled For Jan. 7 Start Date

Paying for College: Book Advances

Holiday closures and limited service hours may have an impact on the timing of Book Advance disbursements for students who begin classes January 7.

Book Advance money for the January 7 start date will be released to eligible students beginning December 17. Although this is 10 days earlier than the standard Book Advance schedule, students should not expect to receive book advance money prior to the holiday break.

The early release of book advance money is only for eligible students who are enrolled in classes that begin January 7. No other start dates will be affected.

The Book Advances will be manually processed by the Financial Aid department as a courtesy to help avoid delays when purchasing books. Students with the January 7 start date should also plan for limited bank hours, shipping delays and other holiday-related interruptions that could cause problems when ordering books online.

For more information on the Book Advance program and eligibility requirements visit