Saturday, January 26, 2013

Dual Enrollment Alumnus Goes to Med School

Rio Salado College Dual Enrollment
Alumnus Renee Rosati
For one hardworking 20-year-old, a trip to Europe with some friends is well deserved, especially since she graduated from college in two and a half years and will be entering medical school in the fall.

Renee Rosati recently graduated from Texas Christian University, receiving a BA in Spanish with a minor in Biology, which required her to work in the labs with various compositions, including anthrax.

When asked how she managed to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in such a short amount of time just after her high school graduation, Rosati had a simple answer, dual enrollment through Rio Salado College.

“Dual enrollment seemed like an efficient use of my time,” she said.

Rosati attended Xavier College Preparatory in Phoenix which partners with Rio Salado College to provide dual enrollment classes. Students who participate in dual save time and money when they take college level courses while in high school. The credits earned can then transfer to universities allowing the students to get a jump start on their college education.

“I graduated ahead of the game,” Rosati said.

She continued to work hard at college, even spending her summers in class. Her work led her to graduate in December 2012, and according to Rosati it all was made possible from the boost that Rio Salado College’s dual enrollment program gave her.

“It’s the reason why I’m done with college so early, it’s the reason why I get to go to Spain for six months,” she said.

While Rosati will be spending time in Spain polishing up her Spanish and traveling, she will return to United States in the fall to start medical school in South Carolina.

“I see myself in the future doing ophthalmology or plastic surgery,” she said.

She has plans to use her degree to participate in medical mission trips, providing medical attention to those who do not have the means to receive the care on their own.

“I think it’s a great way of giving back,” she said.

Rosati is grateful for the dual enrollment program that saved her money on several years of college tuition, and hopes other students can learn to do the same.

“Choose a high school that offers dual enrollment,” she advised.

Rosati added that dual enrollment programs require a focus and desire to excel but does not interfere with a student’s social life.

“It didn’t negatively change my high school experience at all,” she said.

She has big dreams for the future and is working to ensure those dreams are met but recognizes the help she had along the way from her teachers, the dual enrollment program and her family.

“My parents have really encouraged me,” she said.

And with that encouragement, she takes the next step in her college education that began with Rio Salado College.