Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Paying For College: Financial Aid Notifications

Financial Aid information is communicated exclusively through the Message Center in Emails are used only to alert students that information is available in the Message Center. These emails do not contain detailed information, they will only direct students to visit their Message Center.

Students sometimes mistake these notifications for spam or phishing because they do not contain specific information. While students should be wary of phishing and other malicious email, ignoring notifications from the financial aid department could result in missed deadlines and other delays in the processing of financial aid.

Here are some quick tips to help students identify official notifications.

  • Financial Aid will ONLY send email notifications to the official student Gmail account. 
  • They are sent from a Maricopa County Community College District email address
  • They will NOT contain account specific details. 
  • They will NOT ask for personal information. 
  • They will ONLY direct students to information in the Message Center. 

Students who are uncertain about a potentially malicious email, you may simply delete the email and check the Message Center in for new or updated information.

Students who suspect they have received a phishing email, should report it to the technology helpdesk and forward the email to Phishing emails should also be reported to

Note: Students may receive an email from Citi Prepaid encouraging them to sign up for a personalized Visa prepaid debit card through the Maricopa Student Refund Program (MSRP). This is not a malicious email.