Saturday, May 18, 2013

School is IN for Summer!

Originally published in the May 18 edition of the Tempe Republic

Taking an online course or two is a great way to stay sharp during the summer months. Summer may not be the preferred season for intense, research-heavy topics, but Rio Salado College offers a variety of stimulating courses that are a perfect complement to summer activities.

The most recent addition to the college’s summer-friendly course offerings is ENG235 Magazine Article Writing. The course is perfect for budding freelance writers, hobbyists and serious bloggers.

“This course was created for those looking for a foundational knowledge of the magazine industry and guidance in crafting publishable articles,” said RSC Adjunct Faculty Member Charlene Jimenez who developed the course. “In addition to writing actual magazine articles, the course will cover how to develop a publishable topic, find the right magazine, establish contracts, and maintain a professional relationship with an editor.”

According to Jimenez, the course is ideal for summer school students because the workload is balanced and flexible.

“It's a great summer elective because there's a good, healthy balance between weeks that focus on writing and weeks that explore more of the fun side of the magazine publishing industry,” Jimenez said. “Students get to write and revise several articles and queries, but they also get weeks in which they create their own freelance contracts, build resources for future articles, and create online writing portfolios. Students will not be continually writing, so they should still have time for summer fun.”

Other summer-friendly classes include:
  • Contemporary Cinema (HUM210) A study of contemporary films, directors and critics. This course will help students appreciate the cinematic artistry (or lack thereof) in this summer's hottest blockbuster movies. 
  • Rock Music and Culture (MHL153) Historical review of the culture, social, political and economic conditions that have shaped the evolution of rock music. This course will add context and depth of experience to the summer concert season. 
  • Renaissance to Contemporary Art (ARH102) Discover artistic issues and controversies ranging from restoration and preservation to accessibility, scholarship and criticism. This class is invaluable for students who prefer to get out of the heat with a visit to the art museum. 
  • Poetry Writing (CRW160) and Fiction Writing (CRW 170) Whether it's a poolside distraction from the summer heat, or a professional aspiration, creative writing is the ultimate form of self-expression. These classes help students understand, evaluate and evolve their personal style and technique.