Monday, July 29, 2013

Rio Salado College Test Center Earns National Recognition

With millions of educational, certification, and licensure tests administered in the US. every year, the need for secure testing environments and trained testing staff has never been greater. The Testing and Assessment Center at Rio Salado College sets the bar high and achieved national status as a leader in excellent testing practices.

The center was recently awarded Test Center Certification by the National College Testing Association (NCTA). Criteria for certification are rigorous and are based on the NCTA Professional Standards and Guidelines, which were developed to guide post-secondary test centers in the delivery of quality testing programs.

The Rio Salado College Testing and Assessment Center is one of the few test centers in the U.S. and Canada to have completed this intensive certification process. The certification will be in place for five years.

Congratulations are extended to the entire staff of the Rio Salado College Testing and Assessment Center for maintaining high test administration standards and for providing excellent service to a wide variety of students and community members in the performance of their duties.

The National College Testing Association, a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of professionalism and high quality service in the administration of testing programs, offers certification to college and university test centers that demonstrate exemplary practices.