Tuesday, July 16, 2013

RSC Recommends College Success Courses

Rio Salado College students are encouraged to take at least one College Success Strategies course to prepare for the challenge of college-level courses.

CPD 115 Creating College Success teaches students the skills needed to be successful in college. CPD 115 is a one-credit elective that covers college orientation, personal growth, and study skills development.

Students in CPD 115 will learn about:
  • Student support services
  • Time management
  • Goal Setting
  • Learning styles and strategies
  • Organizing study materials
  • Note-taking strategies 
  • Test-Taking strategies
  • Strategies to improve memory

CPD 150 Strategies for College Success is a three-credit elective that adds educational and career planning to the CPD115 curriculum. For more information visit the RSC College And Career Success webpage.