Thursday, July 25, 2013

Time Management Tip: Create a Study Plan

Submitted by RSC Northern Counselor Amberly Lebeck Brown

One of the biggest struggles new college students face is managing their time. Whether in-person or online, managing the demands of classes, family, and work can often find even the most prepared student overwhelmed and under-prepared.

One of the best ways for students to get control of their time is to create a study plan. With a mere 168 hours in the week, one of the first considerations is how the student’s time is currently being spent.
  • How much time is spent on classwork?
  • How much time is spent at work and commuting?
  • How many hours of sleep are needed each night? 
  • How much time is needed for relaxing, family activities, and hobbies?
Once students have determined where their time is going, they can begin to construct a study plan that works. First, students should budget their fixed commitments such as class and work schedule. Then schedule seven to nine hours of sleep each night. Finally, dedicate time for hobbies, family time, and relaxation. In order to stay focused on their goals, students should aim for balance between their commitments, rest and fun.

A variety of free products are available for desktop and mobile to help students stay organized and plan their time. Here are a few that might be useful when creating a study plan:

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