Monday, August 26, 2013

Stress Management: Recognizing Signs of Stress

Submitted by Rio Salado Career Services Manager Jacque Beale

Every day students are forced to make decisions that will affect their life and, at times, the lives of others around them. Stress does not stop when embarking on a new journey in life – attending college for the first time or as a returning student. It is ever constant and present. In order to better deal with stress, there are few things students should be aware of:

What are the signs of stress and how can students manage stress? Students who display some of these behaviors, may be experiencing stress:
  • Mood and behavior change; 
  • Pounding or racing heart;
  • Breathing becomes faster; 
  • Chest pain, Headaches, Stomach Ache, Sweating; 
  • Change of attitude toward those close to you; or 
  • Loss of motivation, the drive or will to do anything.
The Rio Salado Counseling Center is available to help students manage stress that comes with attending college. Remember, not all stress is bad. Stress can stimulate the brain and body to respond. It can even serve as motivation to succeed.

Whether the stress is good or bad, students should look at the situation, evaluate the challenges, address the issues and execute positive action to resolve the problem. Remembering that the key to success is address the stress and take action.

Food for Thought…
– Strength stay focus
T– Trust the challenge will be handled
– Revitalize, replenish, and refresh
E– Energize renew with exercise
S – Sustain the tips to manage stress
S – Simplify wherever possible

For more information on how to manage stress, see the follow-up article that will be posted next week on Handling Stress. In addition, please contact a counselor and/or take the Stress Management Workshop. (