Monday, September 16, 2013

What to Expect From A Career Counselor

Submitted by Rio Salado College Counselor Autumn Cardott 

Rio Salado College Career Counselors help students with both career and personal issues. They help students find rewarding career paths by giving them the research tools and resources necessary to make wise and informed decisions. Career Counselors also assist students with personal issues that may influence their educational goals, grades, and career path.

Career Counselors help students:
  • Discover career interests and natural abilities.
  • Take career assessments.
  • Develop resume and interview skills.
  • Research various majors and educational paths.
  • Manage time and stress.
  • Manage emotions related to school and career choice.
Although it is ultimately up to the individual to research, learn and take action toward their future career, a Rio Salado career counselor will assist with the career choice process and provide helpful feedback and information.

Career Counselors Help With:

Increase self-awareness
Exploring interests, skills, and abilities through classes or assessments
Addressing personal concerns as well as managing time and stress
Questioning your future and career direction
Make decisions
Knowing ‘what you need to know’ to decide
Learning how to make educational decisions
Equipping students with skills to make decisions that will lead to success in college and their future career