Thursday, October 3, 2013

Financial Aid Tip: Maximum Time Frame

In order to maintain financial aid eligibility, students are required to show Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). Those who take too long to complete their degree may lose their financial aid eligibility, even if they didn't use financial aid to pay for their previous classes.

An appeal process is available for students who can demonstrate extenuating circumstances that caused them to exceed the maximum time frame criteria. The appeal must adequately explain and document why the student was unable to graduate in a timely manner.

A maximum time frame appeal must also include an academic plan created with the help of an advisor. The academic plan outlines the course of action that the student agrees to take to ensure that the student can progress toward completion at an acceptable pace.

The appeal process does not include an in-person presentation. It's important for students to provide complete documentation of the circumstances that caused them to exceed the maximum time frame. All appeal decisions are final, so students are encouraged to be thorough when compiling the evidence for their appeal.