Monday, October 7, 2013

How To Avoid Resume Pitfalls

Submitted by Rio Salado College Counselor Amberly Lebeck Brown
The first impression an employer receives of a new employee is his or her resume. Writing a solid resume that accurately and succinctly portrays the applicant's professional background and applicable skills is critical. 
Entrepreneurs who advantage of the difficulty of this task may charge high fees to produce mediocre-quality resumes. There are also a variety of free resume writing tools available on the Internet. 

Paying to have a resume written or using an online template may seem like a good solution, but they are rarely an adequate substitute for taking a career explorations class or meeting one-on-one with a career counselor. Unique situations that do not fit the standard template are left with a lot of questions and a lot of white space.

It's important to learn how to construct a high-quality, customized resume that highlights the knowledge and skills required by a specific open position. 

Some of the most common resume writing mistakes include:
  • Using the same resume to apply for different positions.
  • Grammatical and/or typographical errors.
  • Using terms that are cliché, such as “I am a team-player.”
  • Providing no email address or one that is cute or inappropriate, such as “
Students who would like to update their resume and avoid common pitfalls are encouraged to enroll in Career Exploration CPD102AB at Rio Salado College.