Thursday, January 9, 2014

Understanding Financial Aid Disbursement

Waiting for a financial aid disbursement is not fun. Here are a few things students should know to help avoid anxiety and frustration:
  • Monitor financial aid status - Students should regularly check theirMaricopa Gmail account or visit the student center to check for notifications. If any action is needed, it will be listed in the student center to-do list. 
  • Review Disbursement Eligibility Requirements - Step 6 of the Financial Aid Steps outlines disbursement eligibility requirements. These include a federally-required 30 day waiting period for first-time borrowers and two-weeks of confirmed class participation before financial aid can be applied to the student's account. 
  • Email the Cashier's Office - Students with anticipated aid will not be dropped from class for nonpayment. Students who are concerned about insufficient financial aid funds may contact the cashier's office to make alternate payment arrangements or to confirm a satisfactory account status. 
  • Take advantage of self-serve options- the financial aid department receives a high volume of phone calls throughout January. The student center and the Rio Salado College financial aid website are there to help find answers without standing in line or waiting on hold.