Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Featured Library Database: OmniFile Full-Text Select

Forty two years ago, a group of feminists did the unthinkable: They started the first magazine ever to be created, owned and operated by women. Harry Reasoner, a popular news commentator of the 70’s, famously said, “I’ll give it six months before they run out of things to say.” The first issue sold out in eight days, and Ms. Magazine is still going strong today!

In celebration of Women’s History Month, the Rio Salado Library invites you to read about the origins of a publication that changed history. The article “How do you Spell Ms.?” discusses the impact of the debut issue, assembling the staff, getting (or not getting) ads, debates over Ms. covers, intra-feminist discord, and the legacy of the magazine. Best of all, this oral history is provided by the women who were there!

How do you Spell Ms.?” is brought to you via the OmniFile Full-Text Select database, one of several excellent article databases that are freely available to students via the Rio Salado Library.