Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Volunteering Helps Build A Strong Resume

Students with very little work history can sometimes struggle to write a compelling resume.

It's important to remember that nearly everyone has acquired skills that transfer to the work world. For example, stay at home parents possess the ability to multi-task, budget, and prioritize tasks. Young people may find that experiences during high school or small jobs house taught them valuable work skills.Volunteering with an organization is also extremely helpful in obtaining much needed job skills.

In fact, volunteering is a great way to learn a lot of different things in a short period of time while also helping the community. No matter what type of volunteer experience students participate in, they will always be helping themselves as much as they are helping the community. Volunteering allows you to connect with individuals that otherwise may have been out of reach, gain new experiences, and helps raise self-esteem.

Whether the goal is gaining admission into graduate school or obtaining employment, those who choose to give freely of their time are looked highly upon. A few hours volunteering could be the deciding difference between one candidate and another!

There are a multitude of organizations seeking volunteers.  A career counselor can help students find a good fit.