Wednesday, September 24, 2014

New! Take Latin Classes Online

Rio Salado College will offer online Latin classes beginning October 20, 2014.

The first class, LAT101, will cover basic grammar and vocabulary, the influence of Latin on the English language, and Latin/English translation. Students will also study aspects of Roman life and the importance of Roman law and architecture for our contemporary society.

The college will roll out LAT102, 201, and 202 in coming semesters.

You may ask yourself, “Why would I want to take a Latin class?”
For starters, Latin fulfills language requirements at many universities. Maricopa Community Colleges’ Latin classes directly articulate to all three state universities. They fulfill the humanities and fine arts requirements at Arizona State University, the cultural understanding requirement at Northern Arizona University, and the Tier 2 humanities requirement at the University of Arizona.

More Reasons to take Latin:
  • It is the root of many English words
  • Assists with learning Romance languages
  • Help you understand a word’s origin
  • Can lead to success in other classes
  • Can lead to an increase in SAT scores
  • Prepares you for a variety of careers such as medicine, law and science
In addition, Rio Salado College students also enjoy the flexibility of taking online classes anywhere and anytime!

Enroll now. 

Pictured above, Latin inscription from the Colosseum or "Colosseo" in Rome, Italy