Monday, September 15, 2014

Rio Salado Honors Outstanding Adjunct Faculty

Rio Salado College honored 43 adjunct faculty members and college bridge pathways instructors at its 2013-14 Outstanding Adjunct Faculty awards reception on August 27.

“Rio’s adjunct faculty members and instructors fill a critical role in student success,” said Chris Bustamante, Rio Salado College president. “In addition to upholding high academic standards, their excellence is demonstrated by a value-added approach to teaching.”

Adjunct faculty members and instructors are nominated for the awards based on criteria in two categories: teaching and learning and assessment of student learning.

The honorees include Dr. Michael Crudder, Teresa Carman, Kelly Devenney, and Thomas Clark.

Dr. Michael Crudder, an adjunct in Rio Salado’s education department since 2007, uses his experience as a full-time public school principal to enhance his work supporting students.

Dr. Crudder focuses on assessment, and providing his students with detailed feedback on their lesson plans and offering suggestions, resources, and strategies to address any challenges they are facing in the classroom.

Teresa Carman has been an adjunct instructor with the clinical dental assisting program since 2006. Carman was honored for her dedication to the students and for earning a commendation during a visit from an accreditation team.

Dental assisting faculty chair Holly Harper said, “Teresa is so dedicated to her students’ success that she is known to have contacted them daily via text, email, and telephone even while in labor!”

Kelly Devenney, an adjunct faculty member in mathematics, has taught algebra and basic arithmetic at Rio Salado since 2008, and has served as a dual enrollment instructor at Mountain Ridge High School since 2011.

Devenney was praised by faculty chair John Jensen for developing the new MAT122 online course that incorporates new features and design. “Kelly has made a great difference for our programs in just a short amount of time.”

Thomas Clark is an instructor for Rio Salado’s College Bridge Pathways program. He teaches at RSC Avondale, where he exemplifies the definition of a team player and is always willing to share his expertise and best practices.

Associate Dean Blair Liddicoat noted that Clark’s “can-do” positive attitude helps staff and student morale. “Tom contributes greatly to Rio’s core value of innovation,” Liddicoat said. “He created a tool for ELAA students to track their scores throughout the year.”

The complete list of honorees:

Outstanding Contributions to Assessment of Student Learning
Deborah Carey, Michael Crudder, Cindy DeBoer, Francine Martyn and RuthAnn Miller.

Outstanding Contributions to Teaching and Learning
Kenneth Alexander, Natasha Alston, Keith Benjamin, Elisabeth Borchers, Teresa Carman, Don Chelini, Irfan Choudhery, Martha De La Torre, Richard De Mark, Kelly Devenney, Don Dumais, Robert Falk, Michelle Garland, Bill Hickman, Devin Howe, Melinda Kolker, Shawn Korman, Ivonne Kroman, Georgeanna Lass Drew, Holly Lickwala, Kim McIntosh, Alison Mead, Pamela Miller, Magda Nelson, Mary Ann Petkus, Daniel Sager, Margaret Smith, Adam Sonstroem, Jonathan Titley, Kim Urbanc, Kimberly Ware, Steven West, Robert Wilson, Christen Wolcott and Birgit Zimmermann.

Outstanding College Bridge Pathways Instructors
Todd Burke, Graciela Wilkerson and Thomas Clark.

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