Thursday, October 2, 2014

Healthy Habits of Successful Students

image of a woman giving the sign for "time out"

To be a successful college student it’s critical to have well-rounded goals, tools, and success strategies that can assist. One that may not be first to come to mind is overall physical health and well being.

Heard any of these things recently?
I’ve got six tests this week and a term paper, so I’ve decided to only sleep every other night.

If we only eat from the dollar menu and join a lot of clubs we can eat for five dollars a week.


I don’t need to exercise… I get enough exercise walking to class.
The party goes until four am but I don’t have class until eight am so… it’s going to be great!
I don’t need to drink water. There is plenty in soda and other drinks I buy.

If these sound all too familiar, chances are succeeding is a priority and health is on the back burner.

The problem with making everything but personal health a priority is that success is unattainable if a student is ill, fatigued, or burnt out.

Here are some basic tips that will help in feeling better and being more successful while achieving that college degree.

The “doing good” mindset…hardly anyone will eat perfectly, sleep eight hours a night, or exercise daily. However, the “doing good” mindset increases the body’s ability to fight off stress, illness, exhaustion, and depression.

Don’t give into the “forget about it” effect that encourages ignoring foods etc. that are healthy…just because you have one bad meal or night out.

Hate going to the gym? Find a place close to you that offers fun classes such as Zumba.Enlist friends to help. Make trips to the store for healthier food items. Schedule time to study and exercise with them….then schedule time to blow off steam and have fun.

SLEEP! Sleep is by far one of the best things that does a body good! Minds recover while sleeping as well as immune systems. Not to mention sleep makes people nicer! Basically, take care because the human body will find it’s own way to rest and recuperate if it has to…unplanned illness and mental burn out is highly inconvenient and stressful.

Maintaining healthy habits can increase a body’s fight/flight response to win and fight off stress of any kind…even the good kind.

Here’s to health and college success!

Contributed by Thomas/Avondale Counselor Autumn Cardott on behalf of Rio Salado's Counseling Services team, helping students with their personal, educational and career goals.