Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Happy Graduation Day Rio Waves!

Yes, that's right, the Rio Salado Class of 2015 is the first graduating class to be officially deemed the Rio Waves!

We may not have a name for our new Rio Wave mascot but we made sure our little friend has the right attire for this evening's festivities. Stay in touch, we'll announce the name soon!

Rio Salado's 36th Annual Commencement Ceremony will honor the accomplishments of nearly 5,500 graduates who have earned associate degrees, certificates of completion and post-baccalaureate teaching credentials this past year. Nearly 200 graduates and their guests will celebrate their accomplishments at the Comerica Theatre.

We hope you and your guests enjoy tonight's ceremony. We encourage you to share your celebratory photos and stories via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using RioGrad#.

We will be sharing high-quality photos on our Facebook page in the coming days, which you are free to share, tag and upload.

Congratulations Rio Waves!

commencement snapshot

  • 753 Associate Degrees (38 dual enrollment graduates)
  • 89 Academic Certificates
  • 4,902 Certificates of Completion
  • 90 Post-Bacc. Teacher Certifications
  • 123 Teacher in Residence
  • 8 Ed. Bachelor Partnership Degrees

TOTAL - 5,965 (13% increase from 2014) 

Visit this blog page for details on how you and your guests should prepare for tonight's ceremony.

*Data to be veriļ¬ed after June 30, 2015.