Friday, June 5, 2015

Rio Noyce Scholar Fulfills Dream of Teaching

“As a Noyce scholar I have been given a tremendous opportunity to pursue my dream to be a secondary math teacher. I have received enormous support in this rigorous program, which is preparing me well for a teaching career,” said Robert Upham.

Upham is one of 28 students who have completed Rio Salado’s Noyce Scholars Program.

“Being a Noyce scholar has given me access to conferences and training seminars from master teachers from across the country. These opportunities have exposed me to the methods, ideas and strategies to become an effective teacher in a STEM field.”

Upham will begin his career as a math teacher this fall at a San Tan Valley middle school.

There are fifteen more openings for qualified Noyce scholars, who will have an opportunity to earn a Secondary Arizona Teaching Certificate in math or science for grades 6-12—along with a generous 16.5K stipend to help with expenses.

The program also provides mentoring, assistance with job placement and first-year classroom support. The 15-month, post-baccalaureate program is online, making it accessible and convenient.

Candidates must have a bachelor’s degree, three or more years of experience in a non-education STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) career-- and a passion for teaching.

Classes begin the first week of September.
Please note, the application process usually takes about a month to complete. 

For more details, visit or call 480-517-8066.