Thursday, August 6, 2015

Teaching the Art of Sustainable Food Systems

Last month, Rio Salado and Benevilla celebrated another successful Intergenerational Sustainability Program in Surprise!

This 3-part series was a collaboration with Benevilla, and the college's Lifelong Learning Center and Sustainable Food Systems program. Students also had the opportunity to work hands-on in the Surprise Community Garden.

The programs goal is to teach multigenerational learners how to choose, grow and cook their own super foods.

Classes were broken into three main focus areas:
  • Introduction to Nutrition: A sustainable approach - Class focused on major body needs such as micro and macro nutrients and also talked about how to obtain these from the foods we eat.
  • Introduction to Gardening: A sustainable approach - Class was focused on soil building, composting and seasonal planting.
  • Introduction to Healthy Cooking - Recipes made in class were vegan dishes such as Thai noodles, vegan curried quinoa, hummus and sautéed Swiss chard with lemon.
“Students commented that the classes have helped them to make healthier food choices and increased their knowledge of sustainability, especially when related to the food system," said Michael Hodgins, director of the sustainable food systems program.

"Students are now more aware of their body's nutritional needs.”

The Intergenerational Sustainability Program is supported by a grant from the City of Surprise's Community Outreach Program.

Learn how you can benefit from Rio Salado's Sustainable Food Systems Program.