Friday, December 4, 2015

Get Linkedin to Network

image of a group of people standing in front of a giant chalk board with images and words relating to social media and networking

Here's some advice from Rio Salado Counselor Kamela Craig about the benefits of joining a social media networking group like LinkedIn while in college.

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Many college students are avid users of social media such as Facebook and Twitter but they should also consider LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network and provides access to people, jobs, news and more.

Students may think that LinkedIn is better used after graduation but college counselors think you should stay ahead of the competition by building your profile early. By starting your profile while still in school you have time to develop your LinkedIn account and become an expert on how best to use it.

Networking is the key to landing a great job. Start now by linking with your friends, co-workers, classmates, professors, and family members. Call on your contacts for recommendations on your profile and start following the companies you may be interested in working for in the future. The information you learn and connections you make today may have a pay off in the future. Plus by having a profile on LinkedIn, an employer can find you!

Review these resources for tips on how to start or improve your LinkedIn profile:

Contributed by Rio Salado Counselor Kamela Craig on behalf of Rio Salado's Counseling Department.