Monday, August 29, 2016

Rio Salado Welcomes Two New Faculty Chairs!

Gina Pinch photo
Welcome to Gina Pinch and Julie Cober, Rio Salado College’s two newest faculty chairs!

Gina Pinch is the new interim faculty chair for Business, Management, Public Administration, and Corporate/Government Programs. She has been at Rio for six years, previously as an instructional designer for business, CIS, part of STEM and Library Services. She has a bachelor’s degree in business administration with an emphasis in finance. She also holds a master’s in adult education and online learning and is an alumna of Rio Salado College with certificates in public administration and e-Learning.

She has a strong belief in solid business principles and has “enjoyed helping people learn so they can work more efficiently in the short-term and expand their possibilities for career opportunities and work/life balance in the long-term.”

Gina’s initial focus will be “to meet and connect with other chairs, staff and department faculty to truly understand the role of the chair and identify any issues currently facing the Business Department. Through the knowledge gained, I can begin to make informed decisions to grow and improve the Department in the future.”
Julie Cober photo

Julie Cober is the new, interim faculty chair for Communication. She has been an adjunct faculty since 2011 and the COM discipline lead for more than two years. Julie has a B.A. in communication from Arizona State University and a M.S. in Leadership from Grand Canyon University (GCU). She is also currently working on a doctorate in Organizational Leadership also from GCU.

“I like to bring up different ways of thinking, and encourage students to see life from a different perspective,” Julie said about teaching. “I love that every student is different and I get to learn from students, just as much as they learn from me.”

She went on to say, “I hope to continue the student-focused culture of my department and want to support my faculty in helping students to become better learners and critical thinkers.”