Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Students Share Thoughts on Citizenship

In celebration of U.S. Constitution Week, we asked a few of our students and employees about citizenship, and what it means to them to be an American. Here’s what they had to say.

Patricia Mosely
Rio Salado student (California)

What it means to be a citizen of the United States? As a citizen, I have rights that are not based on race, age, status, or anything else which tries to hold me back.

Freedom of speech and freedom of religion are the ones that stand out most.  First of all, being able to voice your opinion openly matters in this world.  If we take a look back in history, we see how women fought for equal rights.  If it wasn’t for freedom of speech, women would have been kept silenced and never had a chance to advance in life.

Now as you see, women are doing the same things that men are doing, although pay equality still needs work.  Women are now voting when we couldn’t and as a black woman, having the privilege to vote is a plus because I know all votes matter.

If we did not have the right to vote we would not be able to make decisions and/or assist in decision making in our government. Being a citizen I’m taking advantage of my right to vote.

Another important reason is freedom of religion.  I love going to church and am committed to serving God.  Other countries don’t allow this and sometimes bad things occur because of religion. Practicing religion in the United States is a blessing because there are so many denominations.  Freedom of religion makes me happy to be a citizen of the United States.

Lastly, being a citizen of the U.S. has many opportunities.  There are so many ways that the economy can tear one down.  Resources are here for citizens and for others who are trying to become citizens. Being a citizen allows me the right to travel without boundaries and that’s a good thing because I want to someday travel to other countries.

To sum it all up being a citizen of the United States just means freedom for me and my children, no longer bound and no chains holding me down.