Thursday, October 20, 2016

Free Career Tools From AZ CIS & Rio Library

black and white photo of a city street corner.  Sign in forground that reads: "career."

Rio Salado students and employees can access valuable and free-of-charge online career development resources through Arizona Career Information Systems (AZ CIS) and Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center

AZ CIS and Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center are designed to help you with your career research, planning and exploration. They offer free career assessments so you can learn more about yourself, your interests, your skills and how they relate to an occupation.  You can review occupations and discover more about a variety of different jobs. There is information regarding programs of study and the schools that offer them. You can even learn more about employment tools, such as resume writing and interviewing skills. They also give you the means to create a portfolio to keep track of your career planning.

snapshot of AZCIS web page

Students and employees should contact Rio Salado's Counseling team via email at to receive a login for AZ CIS.

snapshot of Ferguson's web page.

Your access to Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center is available now thanks to the Rio Salado Library.  You will need to log into RioLearn to gain access.  See related blog for additional details.

Another great resource is CPD 102AB, Career Exploration, a college credit course at Rio Salado that will help you develop a career and education plan.

For additional support, call on the Rio Salado Counseling team. They're ready to help you set career goals and prepare for your job search.