Thursday, December 15, 2016

PBS NewsHour Acknowledges Rio's Innovation

Screenshot of PBS NewsHour The Rundown Titled "Universities cut some services for students over 25" with photo of a university student names amy Nalesnik

Education is ageless, but according to the American Association of Community Colleges the average age of a community college student is 28. 

Many colleges are still geared toward serving recent high school graduates. These younger students are generally not tied down with the volume of responsibilities that many 28-year-old students have, such as working full time or supporting a family. Older college students require additional flexibility and unique services provided by their educational institution.

This PBS NewsHour story contributed by Matt Krupnick from The Hechinger Report cites how Rio Salado is trying to adapt to this new reality. 

Rio Salado President Chris Bustamante was interviewed for the story and referenced the college's online platform as a way to create flexibility for working students. "We build it so they really don't need to come to campus," Bustamante said. "Tutors, financial aid counselors and academic advisers are always available online. It's not enough for campuses to just build an online program. They have to build in those support systems."

We are proud to support students who are not typically accommodated by traditional education systems. Everyone deserves the opportunity to realize their potential through education, pursue their passion, and aim for success.

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