Tuesday, January 17, 2017

An Essay on Bridging Educational Gaps

Snapshot of blog post by Daniel Greenstein.  Text: Bridging Rhetoric and Reality in Changing World.  Image of students in a classroom.

What qualifies as “higher education” and who needs it?

Daniel Greenstein, Director of Postsecondary Success at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation addresses this question and others he thinks higher education must confront in an essay called, Bridging Higher Education’s Rhetoric and Reality in a Changing World.

Greenstein writes, “…our view of “what counts” as higher education is far too limited and parochial, our existing delivery systems are too leaden and inflexible, and new ways of packaging and delivering knowledge face many cultural and regulatory hurdles. This must change if higher education is to remain relevant and keep pace in today’s economy.”

Greenstein includes Rio Salado among the colleges he thinks are bridging the access gap.

“These gaps can be bridged,” writes Greenstein. “We know they can, because we have seen it in places like Georgia State University, Delaware State University, the University of Central Florida, Miami Dade College, Rio Salado College, and Sinclair Community College, institutions as diverse as the students they serve, and yet united in a common goal – to leave behind no one – to respond nimbly to our society’s rapidly changing educational needs, to measure their excellence in terms of who they include and how well they succeed. Some see that as counterintuitive, even wishful. We see it as possible, and essential.”

Rio Salado is honored by Greenstein’s recognition and support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to develop student success initiatives.

We are committed to our vision, “We reinvent the learning experience to change lives,” and to make education affordable and accessible to anyone who has a passion for learning.

Photo (c) Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation by Michael Hanson, featuring Rio Salado Southern, English Language Acquisition for Adults (ELAA) student Berty Nafissato.