Friday, January 6, 2017

Need Help With Your New Year’s Resolutions?

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If you’re like many students, you start the semester with a grand goal of earning a straight A's. 

By the time midterms roll around, you’re telling yourself that it won’t be THAT bad if you skip a study session to meet up with the gang for Taco Tuesday. Before you know it, you end up settling for a B+. Why settle? You can have your tacos and a 4.0 too!

These six recommendations from Forbes contributor, Molly Cain provide a sure fire way to help you stick to your goals. 
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1. Look at it. Molly says that creating a vision board can be a fun and helpful way to visualize your goal, or if you are more tech savvy, try envisioning your goal on Pinterest. When you can envision the reality that you want to achieve, it is possible to realize the changes that are necessary to get there. 

2. Tell people. When you tell your friends and family, you become accountable for your actions. If you leave people in the dark about your goals, there is no one to cheer you on when you skip happy hour to study or go to the gym instead. There is also no one to remind you of your goals other than yourself, which can be difficult even for the most disciplined (especially when going to bed early sounds way better than taking notes and reading). 

3. Break it up. Setting smaller goals can help you feel like you are making accomplishments along the way, not to mention that setting a large goal can be overwhelming. You wouldn’t expect to learn French overnight, would you? First, you would start with words and pronunciations, then fragments and phrases, then sentences, and then you would know how to speak French. 

4. Set a date. When you set a date, there is a sense of pressure to achieve your goal on time. Plus, every day that goes by is an opportunity to get closer to reaching that goal. 

5. Be realistic. Maybe your goal is to lose the holiday weight that you said you wouldn’t gain, but did (because cookies are really, really good). It’s possible that you may be able to transform your body by summer or next winter, but you won’t be losing 200 pounds by the end of January. Setting realistic timelines is important so that you don’t feel completely defeated.

6. Commit to yourself.
 You are the one putting in the hours – the blood, sweat, and tears to reach your goal and this can only happen when you commit. Don’t settle for “close enough.” You deserve to reach your goals this year!

If you have serious academic goals this semester like graduating in May, completing a certificate, taking on a difficult class load, or getting straight A’s, contact Academic Advisement to create a strategy that you can stick to! If you have personal and career goals to achieve this year, contact our Counseling team for advice.

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