Friday, March 10, 2017

Acrobatiq Discussion About Personalized Learning

Photo of Michael Medlock
Michael Medlock, associate dean for instructional design and technology at Rio Salado, was recently interviewed by Acrobatiq for this March 2 article, Designed for Diversity: Lessons in Instructional Design at Rio Salado.

“We want to move students to early actions that we know are successful,” said Medlock. “If we could just get them to complete their first set of assignments on time, that really is a head start for the most part toward being successful in the end.”

Medlock and his team of instructional designers map the intended course outcomes to individual learning objectives using learning science to create practice activities, and assessments aligned with student needs.

“Even though it’s the same set of competencies, the same set of learning objectives in any given module, the way a student moves through that learning experience is different from other students taking that same course, because of the dynamic nature of the platform,” said Medlock. “That takes it even farther away from that awful ‘canned course’ term.”