Monday, March 6, 2017

EvoLLLution Discussion About Student Success

screen capture of evoLLLution article online
Rio Salado President Chris Bustamante was interviewed by The EvoLLLution team for this March 3 article, Student-Centric and Data-Driven: Designing the Institution to Support Success.

The feature discusses the ever-changing needs of students and how Rio Salado is helping students succeed by adapting to the shifting landscape of higher education.

headshot of Dr. Chris Bustamante
"Helping people obtain meaningful jobs that matter for your community is one major reason why we are here, so if we can connect all those dots, it is really about investing in our students and our communities. Sometimes that takes a lot of restructuring, refocusing and retooling, but if you’ve got your sights set on the right things, and you learn a lot along the way, and you do more of what works, you will succeed." - Chris Bustamante