Thursday, March 30, 2017

Take Advantage of Free Counseling for Students

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Have you been going through a bit of a rough patch lately? Maybe you need an outside perspective to help sort through your thoughts before making a serious decision.

The Rio Salado Counseling Team can help! Many students use Rio’s free counseling services when they feel stuck, overwhelmed, confused, or frustrated. Counselors are here to listen and help you get on your path to success.

Here’s what a few students had to say about how counseling services helped them:

“I have been looking to move in a new direction in my career. I was seeking a role that would give me a sense of meaning and purpose, a direction that would provide an opportunity to serve others in a creative function. My counselor was helpful in assessing my background and how I might use my skills, abilities, education and talents in a new ways and helped me recognize and remember strengths I'd overlooked. She was energetic, insightful and a real source of inspiration to me.”

“I have accomplished so much since the day I was in your office and thought my life couldn't be worse. During weekly sessions, my counselor helped motivate me and was able to bring a sense of encouragement to my life. She made me realize that I needed to keep fighting. Because of her and my awesome support system (my family), I am now a registered dental hygienist. I am proud to say things are looking brighter today. I have found peace in my life again and am I so excited about all of the great things life has in store for me.”

“I have been working full time and attending school full time for four years, all while adjusting to being a single parent. If I was unable to acquire the funds needed for the books required for my final courses, my window of opportunity to become a teacher would have closed. With that, the years of work I’ve put into achieving my goal of becoming a teacher would have been lost. Counseling helped by connecting me to the resources I needed. They have altered my life in such a positive way.”

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Rio Salado Counselors have helped many students to continue pursuing their dreams. If you are in need of counseling, call 480-517-8785 or contact us by email here.