Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Celebrate Your Graduation with MCCCD Pride!

photo of graduated with text overlay: "2017 Graduation Convocations"

RSVP to attend or volunteer for one of the upcoming Maricopa Community Colleges Cultural Convocations: 

  • Equality Maricopa (LGBTQ)
  • Maricopa Veterans Education Taskforce (MVET)
  • Asian Pacific Islanders Convocation (APIA)
  • Black / African-American Convocation (MCBAA)
  • Hispanic Convocation (MACHE and AACHE)
  • American Indian Convocation (UTEC)

All Maricopa Community College graduates, their friends and families, and all employees are invited to attend any of the Convocation ceremonies.

RSVP now!

What Are Cultural Convocations? Maricopa has a proud tradition of offering students the opportunity to celebrate graduation through culturally focused Convocations. These smaller, more intimate events are cultural celebrations that affirm our students and reach out to families and friends in a meaningful way.