Thursday, September 21, 2017

Insights into Rio Salado's Adjunct Faculty Team

snapshot of AACC web page with headline for feature:  Text: A college where adjuncts are not just add-ons.  Image of a teacher standing in front of a classroom.

Rio Salado College is unique in many ways, especially as it relates to the role and impact of adjunct faculty. 

Over the last academic year, Rio Salado had 1,418 adjunct faculty members teaching a total of 10,410 sections of 1,071 different courses with a faculty turnover rate of less than 7 percent from the prior year. How do we do it?

Rio Salado Languages Faculty Chair Angela Felix shared some insights about Rio Salado’s adjunct faculty and how inclusion plays a key role in their success with the American Association of Community Colleges 21st Century Center team. Read now.
“Rio’s adjunct faculty are at the heart and soul of our instructional model," said Felix. "Ultimately, supporting the success of adjunct faculty supports the success of students, and that’s an outcome that benefits us all.”