Friday, September 29, 2017

MCCCDF Scholarships Await You! Deadline 10/15

Poster with MCCDF logo.  Text: For the fiscal year ending June 30, 2016, 3,092 scholarships were awarded for a total of $2,195,421

The Maricopa Community Colleges Foundation has awarded thousands of scholarships through the years! You still have time to apply for spring 2018 scholarships but the October 15 deadline is quickly approaching!

There are several scholarships specifically for Rio Salado College students and employees, including the James P. Hornburg Memorial Scholarship for students majoring in Law Enforcement and Corrections degree programs at Rio Salado and the Dr. Linda M. Thor Scholarship, which is geared toward helping single moms.  There are also scholarships just for veterans.

Type “Rio Salado” or "veteran" into the search engine to find opportunities.

Do the Math!
The streamlined process, which only requires one general application, will make it well worth your time! Don't discount those small scholarships.  The few hours you spend on a scholarship application will be a good investment.  At the very least, you'll gain valuable practice at mastering the application process.

Image of former MCCCDF scholars

How to apply
Students must have a valid MEID and password to apply and complete a General Scholarship Application to be considered.

Apply now

Don't hesitate to call on Rio Salado’s Counseling Services team if you need help with your application.