Friday, September 15, 2017

What Does the Constitution Mean to You?

Image of the U.S. Constitution, American flag and photo of Rio student Taryn Rebuck

We called on a few students to share their sentiments about what the U.S. Constitution means to them-- to help you get into the Constitution Day spirit.  Here's a look at what Taryn Rebuck has to say.

What the Constitution Means to Me – By Taryn Rebuck
The Constitution of the United States, one of the most important documents ever drafted in American history. It was created to protect the people from the government gaining too much control over our country.

The Constitution is a contract created by the ‘states’ to prevent the federal government from treading over individual rights, as well as, state’s rights. States are the ‘boss’ of the federal government and are responsible for ensuring the federal government does not breach the rights of citizens.
I believe the federal government needs to remember that the people are the voice of the country and the constitution ensures that they keep that voice. 
The everyday person needs to make sure they are informed of local and federal politics and that everyone exercises their civic duty, including their right to vote. Voting at a state level makes sure we elect the right representative for our voice. The representative is then responsible for voicing the opinion of the people to the federal government.

The Constitution and the Bill of Rights is supposed to limit the powers of the government as well as strengthen the United States. Without this monumental document, our country would not have a resilient foundation based on individual rights and freedoms. 

I believe the Constitution was created to protect the people, and that our lives would be a different place if the government had 100 percent control over anything and everything that happened in our country. 

Image of Rio mascot Splash dressed as a founding father

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