Friday, January 12, 2018

@SunSoundsofAZ Empowers with News & Info!

Snapshot of AFN web story, with photo of Andrea Pasquale at home working on computer in her den, smiling at camera.  Headline: Ahwatukee woman brings words to those who can’t read By Coty Dolores Miranda, AFN Contributor Jan 5, 2018 Updated Jan 5, 2018

This feature by Ahwatukee Foothills News contributor Coty Dolores Miranda, provides wonderful insights into how Sun Sounds of Arizona and its dedicated staff and volunteers are helping Arizonans living with disabilities stay informed through print.

Pictured above is Sun Sounds Director Andrea Pasquale who said, “Some people think the service is only for the blind, but we’re there for anyone who can’t read print readily. It could be dyslexia, a traumatic brain injury where they can’t concentrate on the printed word, or arthritis or a quadriplegic who can’t physically hold a newspaper or magazine.”

Photo of Sun Sounds 2017 City of Phoenix Mayor's Commission on Disability Business Award

Sun Sounds of Arizona is a community service of Rio Salado College, providing audio access information to people who cannot read print because of a restricting disability. Sun Sounds of Arizona makes creative use of technology and talent to ensure that every disabled person has the opportunity to access the current and local information necessary to a self-directed, productive life. Effectively this will help establish that the inability to read print will no longer be a disabling condition. Sun Sounds of Arizona will continue to be a leader in the field of information access services and a willing partner to organizations with like goals. Sun Sounds of Arizona is innovative, committed to quality and to customer satisfaction. Learn more at