Thursday, February 8, 2018

40th Anniversary Throwback Thursday 1980-81

40th anniversary banner, featuring 40th logo, Maricopa Community Colleges logo and photo of 1980 Rio Salado President Dr. Myna Harrison.  Text: An innovative leader in higher education.

This weeks’ 40th Anniversary Throwback Thursday takes us back to 1980-81.

Pictured here is Dr. Myrna Harrison, who was appointed as Rio Salado’s President in 1980. Harrison, who was featured in a 1981 Phoenix Magazine article said "Our whole emphasis is to work with the communities, the city managers and the city councils to develop interest in education." She also said "Companies believe the better educated the employee, the better the employee."

Here’s a look at other historical recognitions and achievements about the college and a couple of pop culture factoids from 1980-81.

  • RSC establishes the first telephone registration system in Arizona and the first mail registration and information processing center in the MCCCD
  • Myrna Harrison appointed president

1980 Memories:
  • CNN launched by Ted Turner
  • Pac-Man and the Rubik’s Cube were a sensation
1981 Memories:
  • The Royal Wedding of Prince Charles and Diana Spencer televised live 
  • Sandra Day O'Connor appointed first female Supreme Court justice

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