Thursday, February 15, 2018

Rio's Phoenix Regional Police Academy Partnership

group photo of Class #506 from the Phoenix Regional Police Academy

Pictured here are the graduates of Class #506 from the Phoenix Regional Police Academy (formerly the Arizona Law Enforcement Academy - ALEA). 

Class #506 recently completed 700+ hours of training to become certified officers for the State of Arizona. Rio Salado College plays a role in the academic development of their training and has enjoyed a long-standing Educational Service Partnership with the Academy since 1990. In that time, thousands of recruits have graduated from the Academy to become police officers.

By completing this training, these officers will begin their law enforcement career with 39 college credits and a Certificate of Completion in Law Enforcement Technology from Rio Salado College. Through the years, many officers have taken the extra step to attain an Associate in Applied Science Degree in Law Enforcement Technology. Many law enforcement students have consolidated additional credits earned at Rio or elsewhere, which allowed them to complete their degree faster.

Since 1999, Rio Salado has awarded 5,790 certificates of completion and 381 associate degrees to Phoenix Regional Police Academy graduates.

Rio Salado is proud of this partnership and its ability to provide police officers with the means to pursue higher learning and career advancement-- in a cost-effective, timely way. Although they only need a GED or High School Diploma to start as a police officer, the minimum education requirement to promote to Sergeant and earn substantially more money is 75 hours of college credit. The Rio Salado partnership with the law enforcement community has contributed to an officer’s ability to earn more money based on education, job performance and promotion.

Rio Salado web page banner for LET Program.  Image of two officers smiling at camera.  Behind them a shadow of cap can gown. Text: 39 credits earned.  Only 25 to Go!

To learn more about our Law Enforcement Technology programs, visit or call 480-517-8461.

Photo courtesy of Phoenix Regional Police Academy.