Monday, April 23, 2018

New MCCCD Raúl Héctor Castro Scholarship

Vintage photo of Castro, likely circa 1950s

The Maricopa Community Colleges (MCCCD) is pleased to announce a scholarship in honor of the Honorable Raúl Héctor Castro, the first and only Mexican-American Governor of Arizona. 

This new scholarship will be available for the fall semester of 2018 to underserved Latino students interested in occupational programs and skilled trades who are enrolled in either Associate of Applied Science (AAS) or Certificate of Completion (CCL) programs.

MCCCD Chancellor Maria Harper-Marinick, Ph.D. explains, “Latinos are our second largest student population. We are honored that former Governor Castro’s family and Chicanos Por La Causa, Inc. have established this fund to provide much needed financial support for Latino students at Maricopa Community Colleges. We know that when our students worry less about financing their education, they are able to focus more on learning the vital skills they need to be successful in the workforce.”

Approximately 33% of MCCCD students identify as Latino. Many are nontraditional and/or first generation college students. Currently, $40,000 is available in this scholarship fund. Of that, $20,000 is a matching gift from Chicanos Por La Causa, Inc.

“Chicanos Por La Causa is committed to empowering individuals toward self-sufficiency. Education is an important vehicle that provides this empowerment. I am particularly excited to be a part of the MCCCD Raul Castro Scholarship, which offers pathways toward certification for highly skilled jobs or a foundation to transfer to a four year university,” states David Adame, President and CEO at Chicanos Por La Causa, Inc.

The Honorable Raúl Castro served as Governor of Arizona from 1975 to 1977. During his career, Governor Castro held both elected and non-elected public offices, including Pima County Attorney and the United States Ambassador to El Salvador, Bolivia and Argentina. He received all of his formal education in Arizona attending Arizona State Teachers College and earning his Juris Doctor degree from the University of Arizona.

“My father was a trailblazer who valued education. He believed that we are obligated to provide opportunities for our brothers and sisters. This is one of several scholarships in my father’s name and our family is excited to support Maricopa’s Latino students for many years to come,” said Beth Castro daughter of Raúl Castro.

More details about the Raúl Héctor Castro Scholarship application process will be released in the near future.

News courtesy of the Maricopa Community Colleges