Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Teacher Appreciation Spotlight: Lennon Audrain

Snapshot from mctv115 profile of Audrain teaching in a classroom.

Today is Teacher Appreciation Day! Here’s to all of the amazing educators who have left an indelible mark on our lives! This MCTV115 story produced by reporter Lisa Acquafredda provides thoughtful insights into Arizona teacher Lennon Audrain, who is sharing his passion for education in the classroom-- and as an advocate for teachers.

Audrain with Rio Salado President
Chris Bustamante at 2018 Commencement
Audrain is a 2017 Brophy College Preparatory and Rio Salado dual enrollment graduate, who is attending Arizona State University, and serving as the national student president of Educators Rising to make a difference in teaching and Arizona’s K-12 schools.

Audrain decided to pursue education after developing a love for teaching from his parents.

“My mom came to the United States from Thailand to pursue a master’s degree in education and my dad is a teacher now,” Audrain said. “From a young age, I saw the impact that teachers made on myself and others.”

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